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By becoming a member of the Jaaz Alliance you will receive many benefits. Mainly you will have a real impact on the strategy and on every action of our association and with that, on the future of our common platform – the Jaaz Portal.

Members, besides having their own say and participating in discussions through our mailing list, will have the right to attend the Annual Summit of the association. On this summit we will elect members of our association board.

By becoming one of the founding members you will have the right to be elected as one of the association board members and you will be also a part of the association Board Program. You will receive an additional visibility of your company logo on our web pages and in the publications.

Above all that, every member of the association will receive a license for the Free Edition of Jaaz Portal with an unlimited number of users and will be eligible to the commercial licenses of Personal, Community and Business Editions.

As a part of your membership, you will receive a technical support for the deployment and operation of the Jaaz Portal and along with an access to the association knowledge base and contacts.



The Jaaz Alliance

Spectrum Tower
ul. Twarda 18
00-105 Warszawa

+48 798 221 862